3 Basic Steps To Keep Your Air Conditioner Operational

by Claude Walters

The forced-air distribution system is attached to the central air conditioner and heating system. For this reason, the two systems share the same blower, motor and ductwork. The air conditioner system operates by using these units to force the hot air out of the house through the return-air duct of the furnace. The hot air is then distributed in the home and moved by the blower through cooling evaporator coils to cool off the house. However, if the air conditioner motor runs but the house is not cooling off, there may be an issue with the distribution system.

These steps are provided to aid you in keeping your air conditioning unit in working order as long as possible:

The Air Conditioner Filters

The dirt that flows through the air can cling and contaminate the coils in the condenser. If this happens, the dirt works as an insulation on the coils preventing air from flowing freely from the system. The air conditioner ends up working harder than needed in order to cool off the home, which can cause the system to malfunction.

This is why it is essential that air filters are cleaned or changed out if damaged immediate. Clean air filters will also stop the circulation of common allergens floating through the air such as mold spores, dust mites and pollen.

The Air Conditioner Condenser

The condenser is the unit that remains outside of your home. It is typically located in the backyard of your home. In order for the air conditioning system to function properly, the condenser should be free from obstructions that would hinder its ability to properly circulate air through the unit. For this reason, leaves and dirt should be cleaned up regularly so they will not get caught up in the fins of the condenser unit.

The condenser should also be cleaned regularly to clear out any debris that may be caught in the unit. Turn the air conditioner system off before cleaning the condenser. The top of the condenser should be removed so that you can use the vacuum hose attachment unit to clean it out.

If you notice there are leaves on the condenser fins, they should be removed as well. Lastly, you should check that the grass around the condenser is low to prevent more debris from getting inside the condenser.

Consider consulting with an air conditioner contractor if your system still does not function properly after you have cleaned the condenser and replaced the filter. For more information, contact a company like Southwest Heating and Cooling with any questions or concerns you have.