Four Systems To Help You Cut Costs When Replacing Your Water Heater

by Claude Walters

If your water heater has recently quit working, it may be time for a water heater replacement. There are many different water heaters to choose from, and boiler attachments that can be installed to provide your home with hot water. These can vary in costs, which you may want to have something that is energy efficient, but that will not break the bank. Here are four water heating solutions that will help you to save money when having your water heater replaced:

1. Conventional Water Heaters With High Efficiency

If you want the most affordable type of water heater, a conventional tank system will be your best choice. This is a system that uses a tank and electricity or gas to heat your water. When shopping for one, look for the best energy ratings which is usually located on the sales tag. The newer water heaters have to meet energy standards, so you will be guaranteed to have a water heater that is more efficient than your old system.

2. On Demand Water Heaters For Constant Hot Water

On demand systems are also a popular energy efficient water heating solution. They use electricity or gas to heat water in a coil as it is needed. They are great if you do not have the space to install a tank type system. These systems are also good for large families, because they provide the water when you need it and you will never have to wait for the water to heat up in your home.

3. Heat Pump Water Heaters That Reduce Energy Costs

A heat pump is another type of water heater that you can have installed in your home. It is a system that works much like your AC with a heat pump. This system takes available heat in its environment and uses it to heat water. These systems can be costly, but they are becoming more popular and more affordable. They have the benefit of being really efficient, which means that they may significantly lower your energy bills.

4. Heat Exchanger For Boilers For Multiple Purposes

If you have a boiler in your home, you can also use it for heating the water in your home. It will just need to have a heat exchanger installed in it. This will exchange the heat from the water in the boiler to heat clean water for your home. There are several types of heat exchangers that can be used and the most common type is a plate heat exchanger. This will allow you to get heating and hot water from one source, which will reduce your energy costs.

These are some of the things that you can have done for heating the water in your home. If you need to have your water heater replaced with one of these systems, contact a plumber from a company like Professional Plumbing Solutions to get an estimate for installing them in your home.