3 Steps To Winterizing Your Garage Doors

by Claude Walters

Make your garage door a priority in your list of your winterizing jobs. Together with the approaching cold weather, it's a good idea to winterize your garage doors as soon as you possibly can. Don't wait until the snow starts coming down before you start winterizing. A well-insulated garage provides usable workspace throughout the year, even when the outside temperatures fall to all-time lows. Here are three useful steps that you could use now to winterize your garage doors.

Scrutinize Your Garage Door's Interior

Shut your garage door and scrutinize it from the inside. If you see light peeking through cracks, you will need to seal these areas. Run your hand around the perimeter of the door. If you feel a draft, this spells bad news. Just imagine that this temperate draft will turn into cold air in the winter. Open your garage door about midway and scrutinize it from the surface. Are there any rips or tears across the underside seal? Examine the all-weather seal along the top and the sides of the doorway. Check for rips or openings. Apply an all-weather seal to these areas. If you do not know how to do this, contact a garage door professional to assist you.

Insulate Your Garage Doors

Your garage doors are the largest doorway in your home. If they are not well insulated, a huge amount of heat could escape through them causing a drain on your energy bill. Cut the insulation. You can do this with a utility knife. When cutting the insulation ensure that you err on the side larger pieces since you could always trim them down. The measurement of the insulation needs to be exact so that air does not escape from your garage doors. Insulate the doors making sure that you have enough coverage to fill the garage door panels. You can stick the insulation to the garage doors with aluminum or double-sided tape.

Replace Weatherstripping Where Needed

Do your garage doors have old and tattered weatherstripping? If so, you will need to replace them. Once you remove the old weatherstripping, you can start measuring for the brand new one. The cleaner and smoother you can make the surface, the simpler it will be to install brand new weatherstripping.

With the upcoming cold weather, you will no doubt be prioritizing your home improvement projects. Taking steps such as inspecting, insulating, and weatherstripping garage doors will winterize them and make them energy efficient. Putting winterizing garage doors at the top of your project list could pay off with energy savings. If you have any questions regarding these steps, contact a garage door repair professional from a company like A Premier Door Corporation.