How To Stop Road Dust From Settling In Your Home

by Claude Walters

Living in a dusty home can be frustrating. No matter how many times each week you go through the routine of dusting and vacuuming, you wake to find a new layer of dust settled on your furnishings. If you live on a dirt road or near a construction road, there are a few things to do to limit the amount of outdoor dust that enters your home.

Road Dust Suppression Treatments

You should not have to be inconvenienced by the dust sent into the air from the dirt road. Contact your local government officials or the construction company, such as GMCO Corporation, using the road to inquire about road dust suppression techniques. It is possible that they could be responsible for covering the cost of having the roadway treated to reduce the amount of dust that is kicked up into the air each time a vehicle travels down it.

HVAC Filtration

Install high-quality air filters in the heating and cooling system in your home. The better the filters, the more contaminants they will pull out of the air. Your best option is to discuss the situation with a certified HVAC technician to learn what all can be done to limit the number of contaminants that enter your home through the heating and cooling system.

Clean Duct Work

Once you have begun using better filters in your HVAC system,  you still must have the duct work cleaned to remove all of the dust that has built up over the months. You can do this yourself by using a shop vac with an extended hose or hire a professional duct work cleaning company to perform the cleaning for you.

Note: If your problems are caused by construction traffic, be sure to have a professional cleaning performed after their work has been complete. This will get all of the dust out of the duct work and since no more will be introduced to the system, your house will not be filled with anymore road dust.

Close the Windows

Keep the windows in your home closed as much as possible. If you must open them, try to only do so during low-traffic times. It can be difficult to keep a home closed up when there is no air conditioning, so if you must open the windows, run a fan blowing outwards in the window. This will help force the dust away from the opening and out of your home.

The best way to prevent road dust from settling in your home is through road dust suppression treatments. Talk with your local road dust suppression company about having the treatment applied to your trouble-causing roadway.