Indoor Hot Tubs: Why Draining The Water Is Important, And What Options Are Available For Homeowners

by Claude Walters

A hot tub must be routinely drained so that the water remains clear and clean. The owner of an outdoor hot tub can easily perform this routine drain, but the owner of an indoor hot tub will likely find this task more challenging.

Why Drain an Indoor Hot Tub?

An indoor hot tub is shielded from environmental debris, like leaves, sand, and bugs, but an indoor hot tub will still need water drainage on a regular basis. Even an indoor hot tub's water becomes cloudy because of chemical buildup, users' sweat, body oils, and lingering bacteria. As a matter of fact, the average adult sweats an entire liter each and every hour! 

Two big factors affect how often that a hot tub should be drained: the number of people using the tub, and how frequently the tub is accessed. Yet, a good rule of thumb is to fully drain and refill the hot tub every three or four months. 

Draining Options for Indoor Hot Tubs

With a little planning, draining an indoor hot tub is not as complicated a task as it sounds. Drainage options exist for the owner of an indoor hot tub so that unnecessary water damage does not occur. 

  • Floor Drain: The best way to deal with routine hot tub draining is to install a floor drain. A floor drain also minimizes moisture damage caused by splashing from entering and exiting the hot tub. Unless already installed, a homeowner will have to tear up the existing concrete beneath the house to install an effective drainage system, but this is the easiest, most effective approach.
  • Hose System: If a floor drain is not a practical or affordable option, the homeowner can drain and refill a hot tub with a durable hose. The cheapest way to empty a hot tub is by siphoning the water out of the tub, but submersible pumps are also available and will effortlessly pump out the soiled water. When purchasing a hose, the homeowner cannot skimp on quality; a broken hose can cause thousands of dollars of water damage. Finally, the homeowner will need to ensure that the water--which can exceed 600 gallons--will not drain into an area that cannot handle such a massive amount of water. 

Parting Thoughts

An indoor hot tub is often more convenient, more comfortable, and more private than an outdoor variety. An indoor hot tub needs routine water maintenance just as often as an outdoor hot tub, but today's drainage options significantly lower any risk of inside water damage. 

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Kaupas Water or a similar company.