Moving A Fruit Tree To A New Location

by Claude Walters

If you have moved from one home to another, you may want to move your fruit tree with you. It is very difficult to grow a tree from seed, and you need to wait for many years before being able to get fruit from the tree. If you have a fruit tree that you just cannot leave behind, it is possible to bring it to your new home if you are careful. Here are the steps that you will need to take to make sure your tree is well-cared for when removing it from your home to transplant in a new location.

Know When To Dig Up

If you are planning on moving in the summertime, you may be better off leaving your tree behind for the new homeowners to enjoy. As soon as a fruit tree gets buds upon the branches, it is at risk for being in too much shock when it is dug from the ground, causing death. The best time to transplant a fruit tree is in the winter when it is dormant or in the early spring before it buds.

Preparing The New Home

You will want to pick an area at your new location for planting the tree. Make sure it is not near any power lines or close to any other trees. Make sure that the soil is rich and not full of rocks. You should dig a hole in advance so that the process can be done swiftly, allowing the tree to not be exposed to the elements very long. Fill this hole with water the day before you plan on bringing the tree to its new home.

Removing The Tree From The Ground

You will need to dig around your tree to remove it. Dig down a few feet, as close to the tree as you can. You will be breaking up the roots with your shovel, and any larger roots can be broken by using an ax. You may need to have a friend available to help you lift the tree from the ground.

Wrap the root ball in a piece of wet burlap so that the tree stays hydrated during its transportation to your new home. When you arrive, remove the burlap and place into the hole you have dug for it. Put the soil around the tree and then place some mulch around the circumference of the tree, approximately three inches away. The mulch helps to keep the tree hydrated and will insulate the soil to keep your tree in warmer temperatures.

It may be best to contact a professional tree removal service such as Destiny's Tree Service LLC for help with this process.