Planning An Outdoor Wedding? Remember These 3 Things When Renting Portable Restrooms

by Claude Walters

When you're getting married outdoors, there are a number of things you need to do. Renting portable restrooms for your guests might be on a very long list of things to take care of, but a bit of attention to the restrooms before your wedding day will help ensure that you won't have to worry about them when the big day finally arrives. Here are three things to remember when you are renting portable restrooms for your outdoor wedding.

Get the Right Number of Restrooms

It is essential that you think carefully about how many restrooms you'll need to rent for your wedding. Because you want to save money, you may be tempted to rent as few restrooms as possible, but if you're not careful you might have a line of people waiting on a restroom line during your wedding instead of spending time with you.

When you talk to a plumber about renting restrooms, you should be able to get reasonable recommendations about how many restrooms you'll need. The recommendations are typically related to how many guests you've invited and how long you plan to use the restrooms. However, remember that if people will be drinking alcohol at your wedding or reception, you may need more restrooms than you think, as there will be more trips to the restroom throughout the day.

Have Restrooms Delivered Before Your Wedding Day

While it may seem odd to have portable restrooms sitting around in your backyard or the space where your wedding will be, it is a good idea. Not only will early delivery give you one less delivery to anticipate on your wedding day, there are a few other reasons early delivery is important.

First, early delivery of the restrooms can help you get an idea of where tents and other equipment will go. You will be able to get an idea of how far away the restrooms will be from the event, which will help you gauge how convenient the restrooms will be for your guests.

Secondly, early delivery of the restrooms allows the plumber to make sure the right connections are in place, particularly if you're renting restrooms with sinks or electricity. Getting restrooms delivered early can also give you a chance to make sure that the restrooms are what you expected, and that they are suitable for your wedding.

Anticipate Problems and Discuss Solutions

No one wants to think that something bad will happen on their wedding day. However, things can still happen. Your rented restrooms may run out of toilet paper, or the toilets might become clogged.That's why it's important for you to talk with the plumber you're renting the restrooms from, so you have a plan to follow in case something goes wrong.

Be sure that your plumber will be available on the day of your wedding, so that you can communicate right away and the plumber can quickly fix any problems that arise.

Use the pointers in this article, and you will find that your portable restroom rentals work well. You and your guests will be able to enjoy your wedding, and the convenience of portable restrooms will ensure that everyone is comfortable as long as the festivities last. To learn more, contact a company like AAA Pumping Service with any questions or concerns you have.