5 Ideas For Finishing An Attic Remodeling Project

by Claude Walters

If you've recently invested the money into remodeling your attic from a place to use as storage into a room you can enjoy for a variety of purposes, you may be curious what your options are for finishing the space. While getting the attic to feel like an extension of your home with new floors and proper ventilation, the attic will need a little more care to ensure it feels finished.

The following ideas can help guide you through the process of finishing off your attic remodeling project without running into any problems.

1. Install a Dormer Window

Many homeowners find that their attic is lacking in natural light due to windows being nonexistent or simply the windows being too small. In order to combat this, it's a good idea to look into the work involved with installing a dormer window. Not only can a dormer window give the attic some much-needed sunlight, it can also improve the appearance of your home from the outside.

2. Consider Installing a Ceiling Fan

While you've likely already gotten the attic hooked up with heating and cooling, it's a good idea to look into ways to get the air circulating even more. A ceiling fan can give the attic another element that helps it feel finished, while helping to circulate the air around to prevent the space from feeling stale.

3. Paint the Walls a Calming Color

With how easy painting is and the minimal cost involved, it's best to finish off your attic remodeling project with a fresh coat of paint. When choosing a color for the walls, consider choosing a lighter shade. Not only will this help make the attic feel calming, it can also help the space feel larger.

4. Ensure the Attic is Well-Lit

Lighting is so important when trying to make your attic feel like an extension to your home. Instead of sticking with just a few lighting fixtures throughout, make sure to include some lights that will help make the attic feel inviting and safe.

5. Include Plenty of Storage

If you primarily used the attic for storage space, you may be concerned with how to combine both storage and style in your newly remodeled attic. A good way to do this is through getting proper shelves installed and investing in quality plastic containers so that the attic feels neat and organized.

Taking the time to determine what kind of projects should be done when remodeling your attic will help ensure the final result suits your expectations. With a focus on making the attic feel like just another part of your home, along with considering your own personal style, the attic can help add a ton of value to your home. 

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