5 Updates To Add Sparkle To Your Shower

by Claude Walters

Your shower can be more than a utilitarian space. While it's true it provides an area for bathing and generally preparing for your day, your shower can also become a shining spot in your bathroom. Update your shower with changes sure to make it sparkle. 


If you're planning a bathroom remodel, consider locating the shower in front of a window. Having a window be part of your shower is practical – simply open it up to vent. However, the window also provides natural light for your bathing routine. If privacy is a concern, have frosted glass or a window film installed.

Glass Wall

Glass is a reflective surface, so incorporating the material into your bathroom naturally promotes the light. A glass wall can create a light ambience in your bathroom not only with sparkle but by letting the tile work take center stage. As Better Homes and Gardens points out, glass also visually expands your space. Glass shower enclosures are a light-enhancing idea for walk-in showers. Likewise, if you're considering a steam shower, glass is the chosen material for enclosing the space.

Glass Door

If you don't want to commit to a whole wall, consider at least replacing your shower curtain with a glass door. Glass doors come in many different styles. They can be hinged directly to the stall. It's also possible to make them rimless, thus providing a smooth surface for shower entry. If you want an artistic look to your shower, have a custom glass shower door installed on a decorative runner. A glass door is enough to help promote that light ambiance in your bathroom.

Tile Mosaic

If you've installed glass to allow your tile work to shine, you'll want some glittering tile. Glass is a desirable material here, too, though porcelain is a classic. In fact, an attractive wall choice is to blend the two into a pretty mosaic. Choose a light, neutral shade for your porcelain base. Next, select two or three glass tile options in colors complementary to your bathroom palette. Have these inlaid in a pretty mosaic with the porcelain base tiles.

Chrome Fixtures

What besides glass shimmers? Chrome is shiny, and adding chrome shower fixtures adds light to your shower. Spa panels are one of the latest innovations for showers. Select one in shiny chrome, or customize your own by choosing three or four shower sprays. While brass is also attractive, nothing sparkles quite like chrome.

A light and airy ambiance is desirable for your bathroom. Help promote this feeling by updating your shower stall with glass and chrome. Contact local custom shower door professionals, such as those from Southern Glass & Mirror, for further assistance.