Four Steps To Creating A Toddler-Friendly Kitchen For Your Family

by Claude Walters

Cooking can be a wonderful activity to share with your children, making it a great idea to start getting them involved in the kitchen as early as possible. Getting your child familiar with the kitchen as a toddler may seem like a challenge due to their age and safety concerns, but there are several ways to get them in the kitchen without risk of injury.

Undergoing a small remodeling in your kitchen can help get the room into shape and ensure that your toddler can begin to use the kitchen with your help for creating some fun and tasty meals together.

Install Safety Locks to All Cabinetry

Cleaning products, trash bins stored under the sink, and even cooking ware should be kept away from your toddler for health and convenience reasons. An easy way to keep them out when you want to is through safety locks. Luckily, installing safety locks to the existing cabinets is as easy as screwing in latches bought at your local hardware store.

The task of installing child safety latches can easily be done on your own, making it a quick and affordable

Consider Curved Cabinets and Appliances

Children can become injured easily, especially when they are still very young. To prevent your toddler from hitting their head on the counters or bump their leg against an appliance such as the dishwasher or stove, it is a good idea to opt for curved corners. Corners that are not sharp will not be able to injure them as easily and will also make the kitchen more manageable to move around in with a big family.

Keep Toddler-Safe Cooking Supplies in a Specific Cabinet

An easy way to make your toddler feel involved while cooking is by setting up a cabinet just for them. Keeping it low to the ground, leaving it without a child safety latch, and putting in smaller sized mixing bowls and utensils can encourage them to help out while cooking and even come up with your own culinary ideas.

Incorporate New Ways for Them to Help

Your toddler may not be interested in cooking if they do not feel like they have much responsibility or control over what is being made. An easy way to get them involved is by picking out potential recipes together and choosing meals or side dishes that can be prepared by your toddler with a little help.

Making some changes to your kitchen with the intention of transforming it for your toddler requires some effort, but it will make all the difference in the long run. With more toddler-friendly changes, your kitchen can become a more comfortable space to cook together and help them gain a love of cooking. If you need professional help, contact local contractors, such as Bob Carroll Building Contractors.