Kick Drainage To The Curb

by Claude Walters

Huge puddles are a pain. You know, the ones that make you wonder if your car is just going to float as you drive through them. Or the ones that flood your yard, turning your lawn into one big swamp. When building a home or place of business, there are a few things you can do to ensure that rainwater is properly drained so that it doesn't damage your property. 

Make Sure the Apron is Wide Enough 

The apron is the concrete area between where the asphalt for the road ends and the face of the curb begins. A wider apron will carry more water from rainfall toward the grate or inlets. If the apron is too narrow, water will pool on the road and sidewalk, which could cause water to seep into the cracks. This will lead to faster deterioration of the concrete or pavement.

Use Standard Sizing For the Curb 

If the flooding is consistently bad enough, it could require an inlet to be inserted into the curb. An inlet is a box underground that has an opening at the top which reaches street level. The apron leads water into the inlet through this opening. Sewer pipes carry water at a downward slant and eventually drains it into a stream, lake, river, etc. When pouring concrete for a curb, it is important that your curb be the standard size and shape so that if an inlet is needed, it will fit properly. 

Create a Curb Hole

If you do notice excess rainwater on the sidewalk or in the yard, you can drill a curb hole. You will first need to obtain a permit to do so. An inspector from the city will come investigate the problem, and if a curb hole is deemed necessary, you will need to abide by all of the city laws when building one. You can hire a professional to drill the hole and lay the pipe, or you can do it yourself if you feel you have the necessary experience. A curb hole is a hole that is drilled into the front side of the curb that faces the street. Behind the curb, a strip of the sidewalk is removed so that pipe can be placed that will drain water from the grass to the curb apron. The concrete for the sidewalk is then replaced around the pipe. 

Conquering drainage will not only increase curb appeal for your home or place or business, it will also help to keep the roads and sidewalks in good condition. You won't have to worry about your yard becoming a swamp every time it rains. For professional help, contact a company like Northern Asphalt LLC.