Sugar Ants Crawling Through Your Loose Window Glass? Try These Easy Repair Tips

by Claude Walters

If sugar ants enter your home through the loose window glass, stop the problem now. Sugar ants are some of the most bothersome pests you face, especially if they enter your home in droves. Most sugar ants crawl into the home through small cracks in the foundation, which you can seal up with liquid caulking or some other material. But when they crawl between the loose glass on your home's windows, you need to solve the problem without causing further damage to the glass. Here's how you do it.

Purchase a Tube of Silicone Sealant and Mastic Tape

Although you can use traditional white or clear acrylic caulk to seal the loose glass of your windows, the material can gunk up during and after application. The material may also melt or shrink when the sun's hot rays shine on it, as well as discolor and attract mildew if water and moisture soak into it. To avoid the issues previously mentioned, use silicone sealant to repair your windows' glass, because the material doesn't crack, warp or discolor after you apply it.

In addition, purchase a thin roll of clear or white mastic tape. Mastic is a strong adhesive that protects your windows and other structures against moisture and heat loss. The tape will form a tight barrier over the silicone you use for your window repairs. 

Apply the Mastic Sealant and Tape

After you obtain your supplies, wash and dry your windows to remove debris and other problems. The silicone sealant and mastic tape adhere better to clean surfaces. Be sure to use a non-detergent window cleaner to avoid leaving behind residue on your window glass. Wipe the windows down with a soft chamois cloth as a precaution.

Now, apply your silicone sealant and mastic tape. Choose a window to begin, then follow the steps below:

  1. Insert the sealant inside a caulking gun for easier and faster application.
  2. Place the tip of the caulking gun in one corner of the window's frame. 
  3. Squeeze the caulking gun until a small drop of sealant comes out of the tip. Carefully and slowly, move the gun along the frame but don't let the material touch the glass. You want to create a thin line of sealant along the length of the frame and not the glass.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 with every window until done.
  5. Give the silicone sealant at least two days to dry and secure the windows into place.

After the silicone dries, place a long strip of mastic tape over it. Run your fingertips along the tape to help it stick to the frame properly. The glass won't move, rattle or shake after you complete the repairs. 

If the glass is very loose or shows signs of cracking and other damage, even after the repairs, contact a glass repair contractor like South Jersey Glass & Door for services.