4 Ways To Jazz Up Your Home's Interior With Paint

by Claude Walters

If you're bored with your home's interior, but don't have  the money to rip things out and replace them, paint can be your lifesaver. Turning your bland, outdated interior into something new and exciting is possible on even a tight budget.

Brighten Up The Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are usually pretty boring, especially if they look like they harken back a couple of decades. Add a modern and updated look to your cabinets by removing some of the doors and painting only the insides. Choose a standout color from your decor or from your dinnerware and brighten up just the backs of the cabinets or include the shelving as well. White dinnerware looks especially good against a bright color. 

Make Your Closet Pop

If you're stuck with a long, narrow closet with folding doors, consider removing the doors and painting the inside a bright color. If your closet is cluttered and a door is really necessary, paint the door in a contrasting color to the inside. An example would be yellow doors with an orange interior. Don't be shy, go bold and happy with your color choices. 

Stencil The Wall

One modern trend in interior painting is stenciling. You can go with something complicated and beautiful like a trompe l'oeil or simple stencil a few of your favorite words or sayings around the house. If you can't afford to add a tile backsplash, stencil a pretty design around your counters and over your sink. With such a large selection to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless in what you can achieve.

Paint Your Floors

Even ceramic tile floors can be painted, but it may be best to have a professional perform that job, since special cleaners and paints are needed, and it can take several days to do it properly. Combine paint and stencils to update and pizazz an old vinyl kitchen floor or get wild and put a hopscotch board in the middle of the living room for the kids on those bad weather days. Wood and concrete floors are pretty easy to paint, but take a lot of prep work.

First Things First: Do Your Homework

Now that you have some ideas, the preparation can begin. Before you paint any part of your house, you should learn exactly what prep work is needed. Special cleaners, such as tri-sodium phosphate, may be required to strip the grease and grime off of surfaces so the paint will adhere. Pre- and post-sanding may also be necessary. Find out which rollers and brushes are best for the job you're doing, and buy the best quality materials you can afford. Most of all, take your time, and if you aren't comfortable with some jobs, hire a professional painter (such as one from Carvey Painting & Decorating Inc) to make sure the job is done right and will last.