The Secrets Of A Well-Maintained Automatic Gate

by Claude Walters

There are some automatic gates that are advertised as being maintenance-free. This does not necessarily mean that they require no maintenance, but the amount of maintenance required is much lower. Still, there are many maintenance tasks that will still be necessary for prolonging the life of your gate.

Clean The Gate

Like with anything else, if you keep your gate clean, it will be less likely to break down. Wash your gate at least once a year and the paint will not begin to fake off. Then, the gate will be less vulnerable to corrosion and will last longer. If you allow the finish to fade, you will need to have the gate sandblasted, recoated and then rehung by professionals.

Keep The Gate Well-Lubricated

Gates that have actuator openers need to have silicone spray sprayed inside the inner tube. Do not use any other type of spray because certain sprays can collect dirt, which will cause the actuator to not work as well. WD-40 can cause the operation of the gate to degrade. Those with sealed hinge and wheels will not require any lubrication.

The hinges have grease fittings that need to be greased a few times a year. If you remove the arm from the gate, you can manually test it to make sure that it is swinging properly. Make sure that all of the hinges are still tight. There shouldn't be any obstructions blocking the gate.

Protect The Electrical Components

Any electrical components need to be inspected for signs of damage resulting from exposure to the elements. Insects can carry moisture to the electrical components, which can cause them to corrode.

Electrical components will gradually loosen as a result of the vibrations and temperature fluctuations that cause the expansion and contraction of components. Therefore, you will eventually need to check the electrical components to make sure that they are not coming loose.

Inspect The Overall Gate For Damage

The best-quality gates have circuitry that is enclosed, which protects the circuitry from pests. However, you will need to check for other maintenance concerns such as damage to the overall gate. You might notice that the bars are warping or that the wheels might not be making proper contact. These problems can force the motor to work harder, which can not only use up more energy, but will also cause the motor to become damaged. Making these repairs will also prolong the life of your gate. To find out more, speak with a company like Rut Fencing.