3 Reasons To Choose Hinged Patio Doors Instead Of Sliding Doors

by Claude Walters

If you are currently shopping for patio doors for your home, you might be choosing between sliding and hinged doors. Both certainly have their advantages, and both can look nice as a back entrance to your home. However, many homeowners prefer hinged patio doors, and you might prefer them for your home, too. These are three reasons why.

1. They Open Up Wider

If you have to move furniture in and out of the back door of your home or otherwise need a wide opening, you might find that a sliding glass door won't be wide enough. Sliding glass doors don't actually open all the way, since there has to be space for the door to "slide" into. This means that you can typically only open one side of a sliding glass door. With swinging doors, however, you can open up both sides and provide a wider space to walk through.

2. They're Easier to Maintain

Sliding glass doors include different components, while hinged doors will have very similar components to the rest of the doors in your home. With hinged doors, you don't have to worry about rollers wearing out, for example. You also don't have to worry about debris getting into the track of a sliding glass door, which can cause problems with your door opening and closing and can be a pain to clean.

3. They're Easier to Open

If you've ever tried to slide a sliding glass door while holding a plate full of food that you were preparing to put on the grill, you know how heavy these doors can be and how difficult they can be to slide at times. A hinged door is much more familiar and can be easier to open and close, since you only have to turn the handle. You can even choose a flatter door knob for your patio door for just this purpose, so that it will be easier to open and close when you, your family and friends are walking in and out of the house on a nice summer day.

As you can see, even though siding glass doors do have their benefits, hinged patio doors can be a better option. Luckily, a nice set of French patio doors can be a wonderful addition to your home, and you can have them installed by a door installation professional to ensure that they look good and perform as they are supposed to. To learn more, contact a company like Fas Windows and Doors.