Creating A Backyard Path For Your Landscaping: Options For You

by Claude Walters

As summer quickly approaches, you may find yourself thinking more and more about your backyard landscaping and specifically what you can do to improve it. One of the ways to make your landscaping more inviting and enjoyable for you and your family is to install a backyard pathway. This path can meander through your yard or lead directly to points of interest like a pool, garden, or the like, and will add style and a finished look to your yard. The only question left is what materials you should use to create your path. Get to know more about a few of your options so you can make the best choice for your home.


If you are looking to create a simple pathway for your backyard that is one uniform color and continuous material with no gaps, then asphalt may be the right choice for you. Asphalt is generally a dark color or completely black because of the bitumen that is used in the mixture.

While it may not be particularly versatile in color, asphalt does have a wide variety of benefits. It is a durable paving material that is easy to repair and maintain. If your asphalt pathway develops cracks, a simple repair kit to fill in the crack is all that it will take to get your path looking as good as new again. This contrasts with solid concrete, as concrete surfaces often need to be removed and replaced when they become damaged.

Concrete Pavers

On the other hand, if you want a path with a more varied style and that catches the eye in your backyard, you may want to select concrete pavers as your pathway paving material. Concrete pavers are a great choice because they are smaller stones that have already been cut and hardened. Asphalt and regular concrete need to be mixed and then poured into place so they can dry and harden on site.

Concrete pavers are also easier to move and place as the pavers are reasonably sized for carrying. These individual stones can be designed to look like brick, cobblestone, or nearly any other natural stone. They can also be purchased in varying shapes, sizes, and colors. This allows you to be as creative and intricate in the design of your backyard pathway as you would like.

Using concrete pavers for your backyard pathway also makes repairs relatively simple. If one paver suffers damage like cracking or breaking, that small piece of the pathway can be removed without disturbing the rest of the pavers in the path. Then, you simply buy a single paver from your hardware store or other paving material supplier and place it in the location of the broken piece.

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