Commercial "Door" Options For Your Amusement Park: How To Make Your Park Safer And More Secure

by Claude Walters

Upscale theme parks have incorporated high-tech means of making their theme parks safer, more secure and they have stopped ticket thefts and transfers from occurring. If you want to keep your theme park as safe and secure as these others, you may want to incorporate some of the same commercial doors that they do. Here is a closer look at your options and how each works to keep your park visitors safe and happy.

Bar Code Scanners on the Entry Gates/Doors

Some theme parks use a bar code system on their park tickets. Each ticket is purchased in advance and marked for a particular user so that the bar code only works for the person holding the ticket. The adults may be required to show some form of picture ID on the first day and the first use of the tickets, but children are generally exempt. The bar codes imprinted on the tickets are read by scanners on the park gates or front doors, which may be half or full doors according to your preference and park design. Every ticket must be scanned for every person that passes through, thus preventing line jumpers and gate/door jumpers and extra people attempting to enter on the heels of another family or group.

Fingerprint Scanners

In addition to using ticket scanners, some upscale theme parks also use fingerprint scanning and identification. One finger or thumb from one hand is scanned into your security computer and assigned to the ticket holder. When the ticket is scanned first, the fingerprint scan is used to confirm that the ticket holder and the owner of the fingerprint are one and the same. This prevents transfer of tickets between two people and it also prevents theft of park tickets. In the event that someone's ticket is reported stolen and the thief attempts to use the stolen ticket to enter your park, his or her fingerprint would not match the previously-recorded and assigned fingerprint that goes with that ticket. This scanning technology can be installed on the door, gate or turnstile of your choosing.

Wristbands with Near Field or Close Proximity Technology

Yet one more way you can add safety and security to any front gate or door system is with the use of near field or close proximity technology. Both of these types of technology technically do the same thing--they offer WiFi access to your park through special chips inside wristbands that only the purchaser and wearer can use. The microchips in these bangles can hold all of the wearer's personal contact information as well as any additional amenities the park visitor/guest would like to add to his/her visit. The wearer only has to tap his/her bracelet against a locked door or gate and access is granted. This technology is very expensive, but if you can fit it into your operations budget, you may want to consider purchasing it.