Location, Location, Location -- 4 Tips For Placing Your First Swimming Pool

by Claude Walters

When planning for your first in-ground pool, where you put it can be one of the most important factors to getting a pool you'll love and spend less time maintaining. But how can you know what to look for when placing it? Here are 4 ways to find the perfect site.

Leave Enough Room. If you have a small yard or an otherwise limited space to place the pool, avoid the tendency to put as much pool as possible into the spot. Not only is this likely to make your pool seem overwhelming, but it also may not leave enough room for other pool entertainment factors, like a deck or lounge area, hot tub, storage, landscaping, and a slide or diving board.

Keep Clear Above. Look for a location with nothing hanging above it for several reasons. First and foremost, lots of sunshine will help keep the water warm and reduce your electricity usage. Secondly, the fewer trees and brush that hangs over the water and deck means less less leaves to clean up. And third, it also means that there are no overhead telephone or electricity wires to potentially cause problems. 

Opt for High and Flat. Obviously, you will want a location with little to no slope. If needed, you can work with your pool contractor to smooth out any small imperfections in the location, but avoid big inclines unless you have a lot of time and money. Similarly, avoid low-lying areas in the yard that could flood.

Think About the View. Most homeowners like to have a view of the pool from the house. If you have kids or pets, this is a valuable safety feature. Even if you're not concerned about safety, it can be good for entertaining purposes to place the pool where you can see it easily from at least one or two well-used windows.

Consider the Outside View, Too. Test out the view from inside the pool by standing or sitting in the area you are considering for its placement and looking outward at different times of the day or season. Are the views unsightly or blocked by outbuildings? Is it private? Is it warm and sunny? Is it windy or does it have a windbreak? Some unwanted features in the view from the pool can be changed, but beware of those that can't be fixed. 

By knowing what to look for when placing your first pool, you can find the perfect spot in your yard for all your summer fun and relaxation. Talk to a contractor, like Nassau Pools Construction Inc, for more help.