Is Your Roof Leaking? Here Are Some Of The Most Common Spots Where Roofs Leak

by Claude Walters

Are you suffering from a leaking roof? There are certain parts of the roof that will likely leak more than others, especially after storm damage. Here's a look at the most common spots, so you can quickly get the sections fixed and make your home watertight.

On the House's South or West Sides

The south and west sides of houses always get the most exposure to the elements. It could be from the strong winds or large amounts of rainfall and snow in the winter months. As a result, they suffer more cracks, holes, and leaks. If you're suffering leaks from somewhere, always check sections on these two sides of the house first.

It's also worth checking these areas regularly, even if you don't see leaks. Most damage won't show signs for some time, causing other problems elsewhere, including rotting and mold.

The Vent Pipe Rubber Seals

The rubber seals are also known as boots and help to seal the pipes for vent plumbing. The problem is they can be exposed to the elements, causing rotting and damage. You'll need to get a seal completely replaced when it is damaged. One of the first signs you will see is dripping from the piping, when this is the section that is damaged.

Dormer Windows Dripping

Dormer windows add more light to attic and loft conversions, but they're not always perfect. Some people find that water gets into the corners and starts dripping into the home. Check the seals on these and look for any drips through the wood knots. Contact the company that installed them to get them fixed or to find out the best options for dealing with the water.

Flashing Joints and Chimney Stacks

The sealant and metal within the flashing joints and chimney stacks will start to corrode over time. You'll need to reseal regularly, and may need to replace to completely repair wear and tear. Frost is one of the biggest problems for chimney stacks, causing the brickwork to expand and crack. Have an inspection regularly, especially in older properties.

In addition to all the common areas in this list, do not forget to inspect your roofing for cracks and holes. If there is a crack and hole it will likely cause a leak if it isn't already doing so. Even the smallest crack can allow water to seep into places where it shouldn't be. The most important thing you can do is reach out to an expert, like one from Palmer Roofing, as soon as you realize you have a leak. The longer you wait, the worse the damage is going to become.