3 Reasons To Consider Cool Roofing Materials

by Claude Walters

When the time comes to get a new roof installed on your home, your initial instinct may be to replace the materials with the exact kind that you currently have. While this can be a safe choice, it may not be the best one that you can make for homes in climates that have very hot summers. Consider these reasons to use cool roofing materials instead.

For Yourself

There are many benefits that you'll see as a homeowner when you switch to cool roofing materials like tile, metal, or slate. For starters, the materials will last longer than traditional asphalt shingles. This is because the materials will not get as hot as asphalt and will not deteriorate as fast as other materials.

In addition, you will be using less energy to cool your home in the hot summer. Heat will not absorb as quickly into the roof, so the home will not get nearly as hot as it used to. The air conditioner will also not see as much wear and tear over the years, causing it to not break down and need replacement as quickly as it otherwise would.

For Your Community

A heat island can occur in a community when there are many black materials, like roads and roofs, that absorb and release heat. It will cause a community to feel warmer than surrounding rural areas by anywhere from 5-22°F in a larger city that has a population of 1 million people.

All of this additional heat contributes to unnecessary energy consumption to cool down homes in the evening, power outages related to excessive energy use, smog and air pollution, and even the chance of having heat related injuries.

While a single roof with cool roofing materials won't solve the problem, it is a start to fixing the problem rather than contributing to it.

For Your Planet

All of these problems not only affect you and your local community, but contribute to making an impact on the planet. Additional pollution has an impact on your surrounding area, and an increase in temperature can cause problems with the local ecosystem. It happens not only because of air temperature changes, but because it will cause water temperatures to rise as well. Cool roofing contributes to the bigger picture if you care about the environment.

For more benefits of cool roofing materials, speak with a roofing contractor in your area, such as GBS Enterprises Roofing. They can also provide a price quote for how much it will cost to have cool roofing materials used on your home.