Two Distinct Types Of Well Pump Service: Why You Should Clarify Prior To Scheduling A Service Call

by Claude Walters

There are two distinct types of well pump services. There are installation services and then there are repair and replacement services. When you are looking for one type of well pumps service, be sure to get the right one for what you need. Here are some reasons why you need to clarify what services you need prior to scheduling a service call.

Some Well Contractors Only Provide One Service or the Other

Some well contractors only dig and install well pumps. Others only provide the electrical connections, repairs and provide replacements. Unless you verify that the contractor you want to hire performs all of the above, you may need to find a second contractor to complete the services for which you called the first contractor. You can eliminate these headaches by confirming over the phone which services the contractor actually provides and is licensed to complete.

You May Pay Twice the Fees for Service Calls

Depending on how isolated and rural your location is, there may be higher service call fees in store for you. If you call the wrong well service contractor, you may find yourself paying double the fees to cover the first contractor's visit and then cover the arrival of the correct (and second) contractor's arrival. Since these fees are calculated at the discretion of the individual contractors, you may be looking at some very high fees indeed, one of which will only result in finding out that you have called the wrong contractor in the first place. 

If You Have an Emergency Situation with Your Well Pump, You Want the Right Service the First Time

The final reason for making sure you have the correct well pumps service contractor is that if you have an emergency situation (e.g., no water is coming into the house, the toilets cannot be flushed, there is an explosion in your well, etc.) you will want the correct service contractor the first time. Having to wait even longer for the correct contractor to arrive after making the mistake of calling the wrong one could prove even more costly if the damage to your pump or well gets worse or the inability to get fresh water creates illness or disease. Additionally, making the mistake of calling TWO emergency service contractors to fix the problem means that you pay the much higher service fees for emergencies twice over. Verify what your contractor does the first time so you pay less and get exactly the service you need when you need it.

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