Want To Mix Things Up In Your Home? Paint The Walls Chalkboard In The 3 Most Useful Places

by Claude Walters

Most homeowners stick to the norm when it comes to features in their home. But, you may not want to follow the same trend, and therefore you might seek out things that you can do differently. As long as these adjustments provide you with enjoyment or functionality, it really makes no difference at all. If your walls have not been painted in a long time and need a fresh paint job, you can get creative with painting. Hiring professionals to paint some of your walls chalkboard is an experiment worth pursuing. It is ideal to do this in areas where you know the chalkboard will actually get a considerable amount of use.

Master Bedroom

One area worth considering is right in your own master bedroom. It is likely that you have a routine that you try to follow each morning, but if it is not spelled out for you, it may be a tough thing to follow. This can be fixed with the addition of chalkboard paint as you can write out your ideal routine in front of you. Another thing that you can use the walls for is writing chores that you want to take care of throughout the week. Erasing chalkboard writing is not difficult as long as you have an eraser and dry cloth.


Another spot to consider for at least one wall of chalkboard paint in is in the kitchen. This is where you can write down the weekly meal plan, which can make it easier for your entire family to follow along. Instead of forgetting that you are making a big dinner on a certain day and going out to eat instead, this kind of list that is clearly on display in the kitchen will keep these mistakes to a minimum. You can also use the walls to write down things that you just ran out of in the kitchen and need to get at the store.

Front Entrance

Maximizing functionality with chalkboard paint should be a top priority of yours, and the front entrance is somewhere you can easily get plenty of use out of a chalkboard wall. You can write down notes for your spouse or kids before you go to sleep for them to see prior to them heading out the door in the morning. You can let your family know where you are going if you do not want to disturb them before heading out. The possibilities are almost endless, and the only thing in the way is the demand for creativity.

Investing in chalkboard walls can mix things up and easily improve your family dynamic at home. Contact a house painting professional for more help.