When You Should Have Your Home Rewired

by Claude Walters

When your home is 50 years old or older, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a residential electrical service to determine if your home should be rewired. One of the main reasons to have a home rewired is that it may have outdated wires that would no longer pass building codes. Having faulty wiring replaced with new wiring is essential because faulty wiring is one of the leading causes of fires. However, there may be other warning signs that you will want to have your house rewired. 

Not Enough Power

When you begin to notice electrical problems with your home, it is a good idea to have it inspected. For example, you may have an outlet that fails to supply power. You may notice that lights in one location flicker and dim. When you plug an appliance into an outlet, the appliance either will not power on or will not function properly. For example, a microwave might turn on, but will not be able to microwave food. Or, the appliance may abruptly shut off. This can indicate that electricity is not flowing properly through the outlet. 

Frayed Wires

When performing renovations, you may discover that some of the wires within your home are frayed. These wires should definitely be replaced by a qualified electrician, but it will also be necessary to have the entire home wiring system inspected and rewired.

Warm Outlets

Outlets should be cool to the touch. if there are hot spots for the outlets, they should be inspected and your home may need to be rewired. If there are scorch marks, there is definitely something wrong with your wires. Also, you should not experiencing a tingling sensation when you touch a wall switch or receptacle. 

Tripped Breakers And Blown Fuses

You may notice that breakers trip and fuses blow regularly. While this may happen when it is storming, if you notice this occurring when it does not make sense to do so, your home may need to be rewired. 

Burning Smells

Appliances should never produce a burning smell. Any burning smells should be investigated immediately and if you notice a fire, call the fire department. You will also need to contact an electrician immediately.

You are allowed to perform electrical work on your own home. However, you will need to have your wires inspected by a electrician. Since you will need to have the wires inspected anyway, it makes sense to simply have your home required by residential electrical services.

Visit an electrical service's website for additional reading.