The Exterior Improvements You Can Do To Protect Your Basement From Water Damage

by Claude Walters

If you have a home with a basement, it is important to protect it from water damage. Part of the regular maintenance that needs to be done is inspecting the waterproofing systems and cleaning the sump pump and well. In addition, exterior improvements for better drainage will protect the foundation of your home from cracks due to static water pressure. Here are some of the things that you can do to prevent groundwater from damaging your home's foundation:

1. Improving the Structure to Shed Water Away from Your Home

The structure of your home will cause problems with water if it drains directly against the foundation. Shallow eaves will make this problem worse, which is why it is a good idea to have gutters installed to keep the runoff away from the foundation. In addition to gutters, making the eaves of your home wider will ensure that any runoff lands away from your home and not right against the foundation. When you do renovations, do improvements to the watershed around your home with structural features like wider eaves and covered areas.

2. Adding Drain Tiles to Deal with Puddling and Flat Landscaping Problems

Drain tiles are the buried pipes that are used for drainage systems. In the landscaping around your home, these pipes are very versatile for dealing with watershed problems. Drain tiles are great for flat areas around your home, such as around a back patio, driveways, and paths. Have drainage tiles installed anywhere where you have a problem with water puddling or flat areas that do not drain well.

3. Giving Water a Place to Go Away from Your Home With Gravel and Dry-wells

Gravel is another versatile material to use in landscaping design and help with drainage. Drainage trenches will give you better drainage if you do not have good water drainage around your home. The drainage trench will consider of a trench that is filled with layers of gravel to allow water to drain away from your foundation. The first layer of gravel is larger, and the final layer of gravel will be a finished layer of attractive stones that you choose. The drainage is going to look like part of the design of your landscaping, as well as the dry-well that will give the water a place to go.

Protecting the exterior of your home with proper drainage is equally as important as the maintenance you do inside your home. If you have a problem with water in your basement, contact a foundation waterproofing contractor, such as those found at Sohan and Sons, to help with the repairs and improvements to keep the water out of your home.