A Quick Guide To Choosing The Right Custom Driveway Gate For Your Needs And Expectations

by Claude Walters

If you value your privacy and it seems that your neighbor across the street values his ability to peer into your home or yard, it's time to consider having a custom gate for your driveway installed. For some time, those custom gates were primarily associated with luxury homes in expensive communities or celebrities who needed to escape the paparazzi. However, in recent years, they have become more commonplace and are now used by many average families. Therefore, when you want to protect the privacy of your home and everyone in it, it's best to be aware of the following information about driveway gates: 

The Condition Of The Ground Will Typically Impact The Type Of Gate You Use

It's important to note that choosing a new gate is much more complicated than just finding one that you like. For instance, you might be surprised to learn that if the ground around where the gate will be installed has much of a significant slope, your best option will be a swing gate. That is because a swinging gate can be installed in a manner that allows it to swing over the slope.

In comparison, the sliding gate is unable to make that accommodation. That means that it is a better choice when the ground is approximately the same height everywhere that the gate will extend to since there is much less risk of danger of damage to the unit. Once you know what type of gate you need, it's time to determine what material it should be made of, as explained next.  

Choosing The Right Material Isn't Easy 

One popular option for many homeowners when choosing a material for their new driveway gate is to match the materials used in the fence. Alternatively, you could use the same material from your fence to highlight portions of your new gate. For instance, if you have a wooden gate, you might want to opt for a wrought iron custom gate that features a design with wood components. Of course, that option could also be moved around if you have a wrought iron or metal fence and you like the idea of an aluminum or vinyl gate with wrought iron accessories. 

If you don't want your fence to match the gate,  you can instead choose the material based on the benefits that each option provides. For instance, vinyl is attractive, resistant to wear, and quite affordable. Wooden gates can be cut to the precise specifications of the available space, including being taller than the average fence. With occasional cleanings and repairs that severe weather might make necessary, wooden gates are reasonably priced and will last for many years. 

Two other choices to consider are steel and aluminum custom driveway gates. Steel is a strong and attractive substance, that doesn't require much maintenance, but is subject to corrosion after exposure to the elements. If you opt for a steel gate, you'll need to make sure that it has been treated with an anti-corrosive to extend its lifespan and maintain its aesthetic appeal. Aluminum will not rust, is reasonably priced and is easy to work with due to its light weight. It's a good choice if you want a fence that doesn't need much maintenance and that can resemble a wrought iron fence for a much smaller price.  

A final choice to consider for your new driveway fence is wrought iron. Its heavy weight provides great security and is an attractive addition to any home. Unfortunately, it can be quite expensive and requires regular cleanings, coupled with applying a special paint to deter rust, as it's quite susceptible to that type of damage. 

In conclusion, custom gates are an ideal way for almost any homeowner to provide privacy and security to their family, home and everything contained within the home. If you're are ready to provide that for your own home and family, you need to be aware of the above facts about custom gates.