Six Essential Property Maintenance Tasks For The Fall

by Claude Walters

Fall is in the air. That means it's time for pumpkin, falling leaves, and... property maintenance! Properly preparing your yard and home for the upcoming winter will help protect it from damage, so make sure you tackle these six essential property maintenance tasks this fall.

Clean the Gutters

Wait until the leaves have stopped falling from the trees for this one. Climb up on a ladder and scoop everything out of your gutters. This will ensure the water from the winter ice melt can flow from your roof rather than building up along the edge and causing shingle damage.

Pack Up Patio Furniture

With the cooler temperatures, water will start condensing on the furniture, leading to issues with mold and moisture. It's time to give your patio furniture a good scrub down, dry it off well, and then pack it away in the garage or basement for the season. 

Drain Your Outdoor Spigots

It's not a good idea to leave water in the pipes leading to your outdoor spigots throughout the fall and winter. When that first cold day comes, the water may freeze, causing your pipes to burst. So, turn the water supply to your outdoor spigot off, and then open the spigot to drain the system.

Trim Your Shrubs

Most shrubs do best when you trim them either in the late fall or early winter. If there are any that look overgrown, give them a good trim. Just make sure you do not remove more than 1/3 of their growth, as this may put stress on the plant. You may also want to add a layer of mulch around your shrubs and plants. This will insulate the soil throughout the winter and help ensure the more tender plants survive.

Cover the Air Conditioner

When you are confident that air conditioning season is over, turn off the power to your air conditioner and then slip the cover over it. Make sure you use a cover designed specifically for your AC unit. It will be designed to breathe in all the right places to prevent mold growth and corrosion.

Have Your Fireplace Inspected

If you have a fireplace or wood burning stove, call a maintenance company and have it looked over. You do not want to light a fire and find out that there's a birds' nest or extensive creosote buildup in the chimney -- that could lead to a fire.

Contact a property maintenance company, like RCT Property Preservation, MGMT Co, LLC, for more help.