Three Tips For Renovations In The City

by Claude Walters

If you own a home in the city and are planning to do some renovations, there are some things you need to know. Renovating a home in the city can be a bit different than making changes to a home in the country or the suburbs. Follow these tips to ensue the process goes as planned.

Contact a building permit expediter.

You will need a permit to make your renovations, and getting that permit can be a bit of a challenge in a big city. Often, the only way to get the permit is to show up to the building office and wait in line. This can take days of your time. So, the best way to get a permit -- unless you have a week's worth of free time and nothing better to do with it -- is to hire a permit expediter, like THE PERMIT SPECIALISTS. This person is essentially a middleman between you and the building permit office. They will go do the "grunt work" of getting the permit for you, waiting in line and communicating with the permit office so that you can spend your time tackling other tasks. The permit expediter will also communicate with your contractor, architect, and anyone else involved in your project to make sure everyone is on the same page regarding the plans and permit.

Talk to the neighbors.

When you live so close to other people, it's important to keep them informed of your plans. Let your neighbors know that you're going to be renovating so they are not taken aback by the contractor vans and equipment around for several days. If there is a specific day when you'll have a lot of equipment in your yard or you'll be making a lot of noise, give them a few days' advanced warning of this so they can plan ahead.

Take space into account. 

This mostly applies if you are making changes to an interior room or a room that's upstairs in your home. In smaller city homes, there's just not as much space for materials -- and getting through narrow doorways with certain materials and furniture can be a challenge. If you buy any materials yourself, measure them first and make sure they fit. Provide your contractor with any room or doorway dimensions so they can easily do the same.

With the tips above, your city remodeling project will go smoothly, and you'll be able to enjoy your nice, new space in no time.