Tips For Updating Your Boring Concrete Patio

by Claude Walters

Is your patio space made up of standard, gray, dreary concrete? Wouldn't it be nice if you could do something to spruce up the patio and transform it into something spectacular? Here, you'll find a few options to consider as you plan your patio renovation.

Crack and Leveling Repairs

Any cracks and issues you have with the slab being level can be taken care of rather quickly and easily. All you'll need for this quick fix is some self-leveling concrete and a trowel. You don't have to worry too much about using this material because it really does all of the work for you.

After the mixture has been poured and spread over the surface, it will level out on its own and fill in any cracks in the process. Just be sure that you've cleaned the cracks out before you pour the mixture. If there is too much debris in the crack, it could reform later after the concrete has settled and hardened.

Textured Finish

There are some really great tools for making impressions in the finish of concrete. Stamping a pattern into the concrete will give it a little extra charm. One awesome thing about this stamping process is that you can have a stamp custom made for your patio. For example, if you are in love with the design on your furniture, you can have a concrete stamp made with that design. Then, it can be used to create a border around the patio to pull everything together.

Texturing the finish of the concrete will also help to improve the safety of the patio. When the surface is textured, it's less slippery, so there will be less of a chance of slip and fall injuries.

Stained Concrete

There are two types of stain that can be used on concrete – acid and water based. Both types offer a variety of colors that can be used individually or combined to create patterns and designs that are remarkable.

Staining concrete will bring the look of the area back to life. No more boring gray concrete all around you! After the stain is applied, the concrete is sealed. This stain will last years before you should even have to think about redoing it – you may need to reseal the concrete every other year or so, but the color should stay vibrant for many years.

Talk with your local concrete contractor for assistance with choosing how to update your boring patio this year.