5 Reasons You Should Consider Upgrading To Seamless Steel Siding

by Claude Walters

So, you have made the decision to upgrade the siding of your home, but you aren't sure exactly what type of siding you want to go with. There are so many different options available. Seamless steel is an innovative material that you may want to consider that offers benefits like aesthetics, ease of installation, and minimal maintenance. Read on to learn about more reasons why you should choose seamless steel siding for your home or building.

1. Energy-Efficient

When there are gaps in your siding, wind can get inside the home, decreasing your comfort and increasing your energy bills. Since seamless steel siding fully blocks airflow, you will receive better insulation, resulting in less energy use and reduced heating and cooling bills year-round.

2. Durable

Seamless steel siding is extremely strong and durable, which means it won't wear out quickly. In addition, you don't have to worry about it cracking or warping since it doesn't contract or expand in cold or hot temperatures. Not only that, but steel siding isn't combustible, which makes this type of siding one of the most fire-resistant options available for your home.

3. Versatile

Due to the assortment of options available, seamless steel siding can be made to work on virtually any home. Regardless of the color that you want, your siding contractor can make it work from earthy hues for your rustic farmhouse to bright colors that work well for Victorian homes.

4. Easy to Install

Some siding styles can be hard to install, but seamless steel siding is not one of them. In fact, it may be one of the easiest thanks to the way it is manufactured. It begins as a coil that is ran through an on-site machine to generate panels that run the length of your home. Therefore, during the installation process, the siding contractor doesn't need to align several pieces and seal multiple seams. This results in a faster, more streamlined process, not to mention a more cost-effective siding option for you.

5. Easy to Maintain

Thanks to the durability of seamless steel siding, it is both stain- and fade-resistant. As a result, it requires minimal maintenance in terms of cleaning and treating. This type of siding has the ability to remain attractive and strong without a regular maintenance routine.

If you would like to learn more about seamless steel siding for your home, reach out to a local siding contractor today.