3 Tips To Help Preserve The Beauty Of Hardwood Floors

by Claude Walters

When you invest in wood floors for your home, you want them to maintain their beautiful look for as many years as possible before needing to be refinished. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you protect the condition of the hardwood floors in your home.

Area Rugs

When you put area rugs down, you're essentially protecting the flooring underneath. Unfortunately, what most people don't realize is how damaging this can be to hardwood floors if you don't keep up with the cleaning. As the area rug is walked on, the traffic pushes dust and dirt deep into the rug and, eventually, the whole way through the rug. If you don't remove the dirt that has made its way through to the hardwoods, the surface can become scratched as if you've run sandpaper across it.

High-traffic areas will need to be cleaned under the area rug at least once a month — more if you have pets or a dusty environment.

Tip: Laying down an area rug pad under the rug will help to protect the hardwood flooring as it will prevent the rug from sliding around on the floor. It will also help to keep the traffic pressure from pressing dust into the hardwoods and scratching them.

Cleaning Products

The installation professional may provide you with a recommended product for the flooring. If so, it's probably best that you use that product during your deep cleaning days. For general cleanings, you won't need an expensive product — you just need a cup of white vinegar mixed in a gallon of water. This mixture will remove dirt, debris, and grease without introducing any other waxes or products to the floor.

Tip: If you've tried a new product and it caused the floor to turn hazy, use two cups of white vinegar mixed in a gallon of water to scrub the floor. The vinegar should work to remove the wax that is causing the hazy finish. Then, go over the flooring with the product supplied by the installer.

UV Protection

The sun can be very damaging to hardwood floors. So, in the areas where the sun shines in the most, try to limit the sun exposure by closing the blinds or drapes. If you love having the sun fill the room, look for UV-resistant film for the windows. The film will filter the damaging rays and prevent the damage from occurring as quickly.

Talk with a local company like New York Hardwood Floors to learn more about preserving the condition of your hardwood flooring.