Three Reasons Your Construction Company Should Be Using Hydro Excavation

by Claude Walters

If you are in the business of construction but currently use only a mechanical means to achieve this, you need to consider switching to hydro excavation. There are many advantages to excavating with high-pressure water, and because you already have the skill set involved in excavation, all you need to do is obtain the necessary equipment. This consists of a hydrovac truck that contains both the high-pressure water unit and a wet vacuum. The following are a few good reasons to start using this method of excavation.

There is less chance of damage

When using a mechanical means for excavation, there is always the chance of damage to anything lying underground. This damage can happen, no matter how careful the excavator is when removing the ground. There are a wide variety of pipes and cables that run underneath the surface, and although this information is available from the city or county, mistakes can be made. But even when all the information is available, the exact location, including the depth, is not always clear. In addition, the ground can shift, creating another problem for locating pipes and cables.

You avoid costly repairs

Damage from mechanical excavation is common in the field of construction. This slows down a construction project as time is needed to make repairs during or after the excavation. Although insurance will often cover this damage, the delays in a construction project can create other costs. Examples of these costs include workers who get paid regardless of the amount of work that is available on any given day or any equipment that is being rented for your construction project. You can also create a cash-flow problem as you may need to pay for the repairs now and get reimbursed from your insurance company later.

You will likely increase the profitability of your business

The insurance related to hydro excavation is less than using a mechanical means. This is because the chance of damage drops dramatically with hydro excavation. You can speak to your insurance carrier to confirm this, as well as find out how much you can save. This helps to reduce overhead and creates additional profits. Also, the speed that you can excavate at increases. This means that you will be able to finish projects faster than you have done in the past.

There are several ways to go about hydro excavation. You can buy a truck or you can rent one. If you don't do a lot of excavation, there are businesses that you can hire to do this work for you. However, if you're like many contractors, you likely do a lot of excavation. In this situation, you may benefit from owning a hydrovac truck, but because they are also available for rent, it could be a good idea to go the rental route. You can get experience using this type of equipment without committing a lot of your capital.

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