4 Factors To Consider When Adding An Art Studio To Your Custom-Built Home

by Claude Walters

Having a custom-built home is one of the ideal situations for artists so they can have the studio of their dreams. There are several factors you should consider to be confident you will create a studio that works for your needs.

Natural Lighting

As an artist, you probably want to choose a location for your studio that receives the most natural light throughout the year. Having natural light is important to help show colors in their true hue. If you take pictures of your artwork, you'll find certain times of the day give you the best indirect natural light to achieve high-quality photographs. Ideally, you will want your studio to have a large bay window to allow the most light into your studio.

Outdoor Space

You may find having your studio connected to a deck or patio is ideal for artists who work in certain types of media. If you work in oils or airbrush, you might prefer to either work on some projects outdoors or at least have a patio door open to minimize fumes. Having your studio connected to the outdoors can also be a matter of safety if you have products that can be flammable. Oils and their respective mediums may be flammable if not handled properly. Having a place to store materials that is not connected to the main living area can minimize damage in the event of a fire.


Designing your studio from the beginning means you have better control over storage solutions. You will likely want a large, walk-in closet that will make it easier to store canvases. Having the space necessary to store canvases upright instead of flat means you are less likely to damage the canvas. Another ideal storage solution will be large drawers, especially if they are large enough to store 22"x30" sheets of paper. If you have built-in storage solutions, more of the space inside the studio can be dedicated to your easel and desk.


The overall design of your studio should be inspiring since it is where you will spend most of your time producing artwork. You may want high, vaulted ceilings to create the feeling of more space or more unobstructed wall space to turn into murals. If your studio will have a large bay window or patio door, think about what you want to see when you look outside. Some artists find plenty of plants and a small pond with moving water would not only be soothing but a source of inspiration.

The opportunity to include an art studio in your custom home can be exciting and overwhelming. Focus on creating a space that is both inspirational and functional to have the studio of your dreams.

For more information, reach out to a custom home architect in your area.