About Reroofing And Full Roof Replacement

by Claude Walters

If you are trying to decide if you should have your roof reroofed or if you should have your roof replaced, then you should read the rest of this article. It will give you information on both and make it a little easier for you to come to a decision on which way you want to go when it comes to your home's roof. 

Understanding reroofing and roof replacement


Reroofing is a roofing process in which new shingles are applied to ones already on the roof. This means there won't be a tear-off, because the roof already in place will just be added to and not removed. One thing you should know about reroofing is you can only apply an additional layer to the roof one time. So, if you have your roof reroofed, then the next time you are in need of a new roof, all the shingles on the roof would need to be torn off, then a new roof would be applied. 

One of the reasons many homeowners opt for this option is because it can significantly bring down the cost of having the new roof put on since the whole process of tear-off is eliminated. Another reason many have it done is that it also makes things move much faster, so you will have your new roof in much less time. Plus, you will technically have an extra thick roof, so in a lot of cases, this can help to prevent leaks and other issues. Reroofing is also a good choice when an older roof is still in pretty good shape. 


Roof replacement consists of the roofers tearing everything off the roof down to the deck. After the tear-down process has been completed, then they will complete the installation of the new roof. After the job is complete, you will have just one set of shingles on the roof, and in the future, you would be able to opt for reroofing, as that would be the second set you could possibly have put on the roof. 

Some homeowners choose roof replacement because they have already had reroofing done once. Also, many homeowners choose roof replacement because they don't like the idea of having extra weight on their roof unnecessarily. Replacing the roof is also commonly done when the roof that's currently on the house is very damaged, so putting more shingles over it would cause more problems instead of any benefits.

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