The Basics Of Parking Lot Maintenance

by Claude Walters

A parking lot can be one of the busiest and most hazardous areas of your business due to the amount of traffic that it can experience. This traffic can also cause major wear to the parking lot that you will have to manage to keep it welcoming and safe for your customers.

Keeping The Lines Easy To See

Effective line markings can be essential for maximizing the ability of individuals to park on your lot as well as to reduce the risk of accidents by designating the flow of traffic through the area. The lines that are painted on the surface of your parking lot to do this will be vulnerable to suffering extensive wear and tear that will cause them to fade and even peel away from the pavement. Every few years, you may find it useful to have these lines refreshed with a new coat of paint. The amount of time that is needed to apply markings to your entire parking lot will be minimal while being able to substantially improve the experience of your customers.

Fixing Potholes And Other Surface Damage

Potholes and other surface damage will be another issue that you will have to address with your parking lot. The combination of exposure to the elements along with the stress caused when vehicles drive over the pavement can cause small cracks to form on the surface. These cracks can eventually grow into large holes in the surface of the pavement that may be able to damage the tires or wheels of vehicles that pass over them. Repairing large holes in the surface will typically require either a patch to be used or for the entire pavement to be resurfaced. When the pavement is resurfaced, This can be a major type of repair to have done to the parking lot, and it may force it to be closed for several days or longer. However, a commercial parking lot maintenance and repair contractor will be able to work with you to limit these disruptions as much as is possible.

Improving Drainage For The Surface

Poor drainage can be another issue that will often greatly increase the maintenance needs of a parking lot and increase the chances of it suffering serious damage. To ensure there is good drainage, your parking lot will likely have a storm drain that can remove most of the extra water that puddles on it during heavy rain. However, these drains can become clogged with leaves, trash, and other debris. Arranging for the storm drains to be cleaned frequently will allow as much water as possible to flow through the drains to prevent your parking lot from flooding.