• Locked Out? How To Use Smartphone Apps To Open And Start Your Car

    18 August 2015

    When you're locked out of your car, time is of the essence. While waiting 15 minutes for a locksmith to show up isn't going to put you extremely behind schedule, you also have to factor in the amount of time it takes for the locksmith to do their job. Every minute that you spend waiting for a locksmith to unlock your car, pull your ignition and make a new key is another minute wasted.

  • How To Test, Remove And Replace A Thermocouple In A Furnace

    29 July 2015

    The middle of summer might not seem like a time to think about your furnace, but summer will soon give way to the colder air of autumn and winter when a working furnace is needed to keep warm. You should fire up your furnace for a few minutes while it is warm outside to make sure everything is in good working order. If the pilot light isn't staying on and the burners don't light when testing the furnace, you could have a bad thermocouple.

  • Helpful Tools And Supplies For Home Electrical Projects

    21 July 2015

    The average homeowner doesn't need an entire arsenal of tools and supplies for minor electrical work, but there are some that are helpful for all electrical work. These include the following: Wire cutter/stripper This is a most useful tool for any wiring work. The wire cutter portion of the tool is located at the hinge point of the blades and can cut a sheath of three heavy gauge wires cleanly and almost effortlessly.

  • Three Kitchen Cabinet Designs And Features That Help Fight Clutter

    20 July 2015

    Do your kitchen cabinets seem to get filled with clutter faster than you can blink an eye? Part of the problem may be the way your cabinets are designed, or in some cases, it might be because of the features they lack. If you're thinking of kitchen remodeling soon, take this opportunity to include these three cabinet design elements and features that will help prevent clutter. Pull-Out Shelves Usually, clutter tends to accumulate on the backs of shelves.

  • 5 Updates To Add Sparkle To Your Shower

    7 July 2015

    Your shower can be more than a utilitarian space. While it's true it provides an area for bathing and generally preparing for your day, your shower can also become a shining spot in your bathroom. Update your shower with changes sure to make it sparkle.  Window If you're planning a bathroom remodel, consider locating the shower in front of a window. Having a window be part of your shower is practical – simply open it up to vent.

  • What Should I Do If I Think My Chimney Is Leaking?

    26 June 2015

    Chimney leaks of any kind are easy to spot, because water damage around the chimney area will become visible more quickly than roof leaks close to your attic or eaves. This is because leaks near your chimney generally start causing your dry wall to peel or stain whenever it rains or snows. Chimney leaks don't always mean that your chimney itself is the culprit, so you'll need to do a little investigating to find out what's going on.

  • Why Laminate Flooring Is The Way To Go

    19 June 2015

    If you want to add style and class to any room in your house, look no further than laminate flooring. Laminate floors are made in a wide range of styles. You can find laminate wood planks that are actually made out of real hardwood with a laminate top. You can also find laminate tiles that are printed and made with the texture to replicate stone tile. Basically, you can achieve the look of exotic products like stone, travertine, hardwood, or slate without the high price tag and annoying upkeep.